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This mobile website is a shortened version of our main website and designed to provide you with an insight into our club. For a more in-depth look at all we do and to register for the annual All Pontiac Show please visit our main (desktop) website.


Susquehanna Valley GTO welcomes all Pontiac owners who wish to become a member; you do not have to own a GTO to be a member of SVGTO. As a chartered chapter in the GTO Association of America, the national organization aka: GTOAA, SVGTO members who own a GTO are required to also belong to the GTOAA. SVGTO members who do not own a GTO are not required to be a member of the GTOAA but pay a higher yearly annual due. We do suggest you consider becoming a member of the GTOAA, your annual dues help defray liability insurance we are afforded through them while enjoying a reduced SVGTO membership due. Please refer to our about the GTOAA page on our website for information on the GTOAA.


New members have an option to join SVGTO either electronically, or by downloading the forms and submitting them along with your proper remittance to the club treasurer via snail mail. Note: A $2 processing fee applies for online payments.


A new member shall fill out a SVGTO membership application and if applicable, a GTOAA application at the same time and submit the completed form(s) to the Club's treasurer with the proper remittance. GTOAA Mail In Application HERE The treasurer will process both applications and forward on the members behalf, the completed GTOAA application and the required fee. A link to the GTOAA website can be found on the SVGTO/GTOAA page.


SVGTO member dues are on a yearly basis and run from January 1 to December 31.


New SVGTO member dues will be prorated semi-annually in June. GTOAA renewals are based on your anniversary join date and you will be billed directly by the GTOAA.


Membership Dues SVGTO / GTOAA Members: $15.00/year


GTOAA Membership: $35.00/year



'New Membership' Prorated Dues


GTOAA member: Jan 1- June 30: $15.00


GTOAA member: July 1- Dec 31: $7.50


Non GTOAA member: Jan 1- June 30: $25.00


Non GTOAA member: July 1-Dec 31: $12.50


Visit our desktop website to join online.


Or join via a mail-in form.





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